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Lawrence County Farm Bureau

Our Board

of Directors

President:  Glenn Leighty - District 4
Vice President:  Jim Legg - District 1
Treasurer:  Jerry Shidler - District 1
Secretary:  Chris Scaggs - At Large
Dennis Green - District 1
Ralph Hasewinkle - At Large
John Phipps - At Large
Bryan Moore - District 3
Thomas Weger - District 2
Lonnie Moan - At Large
Cameron McClure - At Large

Office Staff


Manager: Kacie Haag
Office Assistant: Debbie McDaniel


lc irrigation.jpg

Who We Are

Lawrence County Farm Bureau is truly a grassroots organization founded in 1920 to serve its members. We work hard to give back to our community, stand up for the interests of our members in the legislative arena, and unify the voice of agriculture. 

Lawrence County Farm Bureau

10722 Cherry Blvd.

Lawrenceville, Il 62439


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